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Bandana - Party

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Party (100% Cotton)

I sew every bandana with attention to detail and gentle care.

I use a variety of cottons, linens and other fabrics to make bandanas for every season. Party is 100% cotton and medium weight.

All bandanas are classic tie style and made to fit a bit bunchy. 


Size Chart

XS -20" around & 6" down

S - 25" around & 7.5" down 

M - 28" around & 8.5" down 

L - 32" around & 11" down 

XL - 38" around & 14" down 


The best way to pick a size is to measure around the neck and add 2 inches on either side (to account for the tie). You can adjust the length of the bandana by rolling it up slightly, but you can't add to the width.

If you have any questions or special requests like wholesale, please reach out to


Fabrics sourced from Canada.