Canine Food Bars - Turkey & Duck

Canine Food Bars - Turkey & Duck

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We understand that the industry makes it tough for people to make healthy choices, so we make it easy instead by taking the NOBL stance—real ingredients, simple feeding, and honest presentation. The more you know, the better you'll feel about feeding!

As tested by a third-party lab, our canine food bars were shown to be more than 90% digestible. For example, if your dog eats one 2oz. bar, it has been shown that 1.862oz will be digested and used by the dog. This leaves 0.138 ounces in urine and fecal matter. Over the course of one year, that ends up being just about 3lbs of waste.

Compare that to traditional dry kibble with 80% digestibility (today’s diets on average are between 60-90%). The daily feeding requirement will vary based on their food but on average it will be about 10.5 ounces of food, which equates to 2.1oz. in urine and fecal matter—more than 45lbs. of waste in one year!  




These bars are a fantastic for option for small dogs. Or, simply to give on-the-go or keep in your bag for emergencies!


Crude Protein (min.) 36%
Crude Fat (Min.) 31%.
Crude Fiber (Max.) 2%.
Moisture (Max.) 7%


95.9% Fat Digestibility
93.5% Energy Digestibility
92.8% Protein Digestibility
90.3% Total Digestibility

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