Arctic Charr with Sweet Potato Fries (Fish 'N Chips)

Arctic Charr with Sweet Potato Fries (Fish 'N Chips)

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Fish Lake Road

The crisp air, the scent of freshly-fallen snow, the sound of paws hitting fresh earth – first, a pitter-patter and then breaking into a strong run.

Dogs haven’t experienced the great outdoors until they’ve gotten a taste of the Yukon. 

Fishing for Arctic Charr has been a way of life in the North for hundreds of years. Now, Fish Lake Road is bringing the world’s northernmost fish to every pet’s bowl. Charr isn’t just for the locals (or, as we call ‘em up here, the sourdoughs!)   

One bite, and your pet will be transported to the heart of the Yukon (pet-sized yurt not included).

At Fish Lake Road, we know that pets are family and families enjoy life’s adventures together. No place in the world understands the bond between human and canine companion more than the Yukon. So why not treat your pet to the Yukon’s best?

Fish Lake Road gives dogs with adventurous appetites a bite-sized taste of Northern life.

Fish Lake Road Arctic Charr with Sweet Potato Fries (Fish 'N Chips)


Description: This treat from FISH LAKE ROAD, is not just tasty, it's packed with nutrients, Omega 3 and Vitamin D! With Arctic Charr and Sweet Potato, your dog will be getting a Fish & Chips inspired flavour with a North Canadian twist. All Fish Lake Road treats are 100% Canadian, all natural and grain free.

Full Ingredients: Arctic Charr, Sweet Potato, Buckwheat Flour, Brewer's Yeast, Mixed Tocopherols (Natural Preservative)