Love, Luna & the Community


Love, Luna & the Community is a fund used to donate gifts for dogs and staff at the local Brant County SPCA. 

In February of 2019, Luna was found in Northern Manitoba with her Mom and 7 siblings. They were huddled underneath a little log shed beside a river, surviving freezing temperatures.

This fundraiser is a thank you to the rescue community for saving Luna and bringing her into my family. 

At the beginning November 1 through to December 22, we ask customers for counter donations. Those donations are counted and used to purchase gifts for the Brant County SPCA, which are then wrapped and delivered December 24 to the Brant County SPCA.


Fundraiser No.1 - December 2021

Throughout December of 2021, we collected counter donations throughout the months of November and December. On Christmas Eve Morning, I visited the Brant County SPCA to deliver 6 beautiful gift baskets for the dogs and 1 for staff. We had the pleasure of meeting Nala and Simba, two sweet and inseparable dogs ready to be rescued together. Everyone was thrilled with the donation and 6 rescues were able to have an absolutely spoiled Christmas. We would like to say thank you again to everyone who donated.